How it all began

It all began with the boundless imagination of a young boy named Charlie and his unwavering love for Lego. Charlie's passion for building, breaking, and reimagining creations knew no bounds – from helicopters to monsters, racing cars to forts, his creativity soared. However, there was one dilemma – once his masterpieces were completed, they inevitably found their way into a big brown box, needing to be tidied away and hidden in a wardrobe.

The idea was born

That's when Charlie's dad embarked on a mission to craft a solution that would not only store Charlie's beloved Lego sets but would also seamlessly blend with their living space. That way his Lego would always be there ready to be played with. This was the moment that Build Happy was created. 
The brainchild of ingenuity and necessity, we specialize in crafting hand made Brick tables and trays that become more than mere storage solutions, transforming into pieces of furniture.

And so it was

Build Happy emerged from the desire to provide a haven for Lego enthusiasts. No longer would Lego pieces be strewn across coffee tables, kitchen counters, or bedroom floors. Our beautifully designed Brick tables and trays offer a haven for creativity and organization. These products give a dedicated space for constructing, playing, and innovating, while also ensuring that every brick piece has a rightful place, easily accessible and always ready for the next burst of creativity.